Blunderbuss Kit - Advanced Project

This kit is not for the brand-new builder.
One must have built a couple of flintlock guns or have a black powder gunsmith as a mentor, to attempt this kit.
Detailed instructions are not available.

Blunderbuss Kit Base and Options
Description Price Additional Information
Standard 4 gauge Blunderbuss Kit
Standard kit includes STEEL Ed Rayl Blunderbuss Barrel and Plain Inlet Stock


Click for Barrel Specs.Barrel has 1 1/2 inch breech.
Barrel has 2 inch muzzle.
Ed Rayl Blunderbuss Barrel BRASS Add + Call for quote
Inlet Stock – Figured Maple or Walnut Add + Call for quote
Butt Plate
Included Click for Picture
Trigger Guard
Included Click for Picture
Flintlock – Choice of Chambers Early English or Colonial Included Click for Chambers Locks
Sideplate Included Click for Picture
Thimbles – Two Included Click for Picture
Miscellaneous Steel Screws and Tenons, etc. Included
Wooden Ramrod Included

Click Here to see a customer completed Bluderbuss Kit.